Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here's a trial for an illustration of Jay-Z I'm doing for my internship. This one is based on an NY Times article. I'd like to know what you think is working/what isn't, or if I should just scrap it and consider a different approach.


  1. The approach is working very nicely, and the tone of the illustration is reading pretty well- It makes me want to read the article. I would say that are far as likenesses go, Jay-Z's head, despite being big figuratively, is a wee bit slimmer up top. The drips coming from the gunshot wounds(?) are looking a little "meh", but that has a lot to do with how they're rendered. It seems like they should either be really stylized or really drippy, but as is, it's teetering between the two.

  2. Great feedback- I do see what your saying about his forehead, I think your the first person to pinpoint exactly whats wrong w/ his face! I also agree about the drips, they do need to be revisited. Will re-post soon once I get more feedback from my internship guy... Thanks Derrick :)