Sunday, August 29, 2010

The State of The Union: Part 2

1. Of the artwork that you have done, what is your personal favorite piece? I really don't think I have a favorite, but I suppose this one will do...

2. Why do you like it?
Well, I think I was successful in experimenting with limited pallet and figuring out more dynamic ways of approaching directional brush strokes adding dimensionality and believability. This was my last piece that I completed at the Academy, and the only one I finished with very little to critique on the last day. However, this piece is not a stellar example of conceptual success... most people think Fiona looks more like Angelina. :P

3. What piece do others like most?
This one.

4. Do you agree?
No, I don't. This piece may be a good academic example of my painting and observational skills, but that is all it represents. Tsk tsk on me for using direct photo reference and changing very little about the photograph. Never again!

5. Why do you think they like it?
Because it is a good academic example " ".

6. What piece surprised you the most?
This one. Follow this link to find out why.

7. Choose five doodles or sketches that you like as much as any of your finished pieces.
This doodle will eventually be a finished painting... I've been prodded with the hot iron of guilt to finish it soon. The rest will just remain doodles and drawings.

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