Sunday, September 5, 2010


She's finally done... I think. Let me know what you think.


  1. Thanks for the info on life drawing. I may stop in and get in some practice.

    I really love the colors in your storm. I do however feel there is some sort of uncomfortableness and tension because she is shoved up in the left hand corner like that. I feel her arm is much to short and the other too long because of it. I still think is beautiful but I feel it could be more so with some changes

    - Alex

  2. This is awesome Marie,
    i think that my favorite part is actually the lower hand. the shape/ contrast are super dramatic and awesome. whole thing looks great though!

  3. Thanks Noah! :)

    Alex, unfortunately there's not too much I can do to fix the fact that she's in the corner. That was poor compositional planning on my part. If I were to fix it I would have to repaint her entirely... and I'd rather get started on a new painting than go through all the trouble. Thanks for all of the feedback though! :)

  4. this is a nice piece.

    (and compliments must ALWAYS be followed by criticism, because it's written in stone somewhere by SOME diety)

    I second Alex's comment. that arm just doesn't have room to breathe. then again, maybe if you tossed something in the bottom opposite corner maybe it could work?

  5. marie! thank you so much. that's such a good idea. once i get it rolling then i'll be able to afford to go out and stock it full. and i can't believe i've never seen your blog. this stuff is amazing. i am blown away. especially this piece. it's spectacular. really.