Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State of The Union: Part 4

1. List 10 illustrators whose work you admire, or whose career you would like to emulate.
(the names in dark black are links to images and websites)

The New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Tor Books, Scholastic, Sony/BMG, Soulpepper Theatre, Playboy, Time Magazine, DC/Vertigo Comics, Random House, ESPN, Wired Penguin, SPIN, Flaunt, Herman Miller, The Atlantic, Business Week, Plan Sponsor, The Walrus

Time, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, GQ, The New York Times, Sony Music, Random House Publishing, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek Magazine, Atlantic Monthly

Absolut, Bafta 2008, British Style Awards, Browns, Chanel, The Criterion Collection, ES Magazine, Fenwick, The G Hotel, Harpers Bazaar, Harrods, L'Officiel, M&S, The Old Vic, Shinsegae Style, The Telegraph, Theo Fennell, Tiffany & Co, The Times, Top Shop, Universal Pictures, The V&A, Vogue

New York Times, New Yorker, The Washington Post, Marvel, Drawn & Quarterly, Fantagraphics, Penguin Books, Fast Company, etc.

Movie producers and authors

Harper's Weekly, books by others and himself

Time, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Playboy and the New York Times

IBM, U.S. Park Service, RCA, GE, Ford, GM, Honeywell, global private collectors, McCalls, Time, Sports Illustrated, Redbook, Atlantic Monthly

New Yorker Magazine, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Atlantic Monthly, Time, Newsweek, GQ, Franklin Library, CBS Records, NFL, Santa Fe Opera, and many major publishers and advertising agencies

The New Yorker, Dpi Magazine, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, El Pais Bebelia, Teaching for Tolerance, American Spectator, Rolling Stone, 24ore

2. Find at least 10 magazines that you think you could work for. Consider both the content of the magazine and the type of illustration that they use. Record the names of the art director and any assistant art director's listed, and their contact information.

#1: Oxford American
What is the content: "A Southern magazine of good writing."
Guest Art Director: Tom Martin

#2: New Yorker
Artists featured: Arnold Roth, Farley Katz, Carolita Johnson, Jack Zeigler, John O'Brien, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Tom Cheney, Shannon Wheeler, Harry Bliss, David Sipress, Roz Chast, Sam Gross, Paul North, Pat Byrnes, Liza Donnelly, Michael Crawford
What is the content: General Interest/ News

#3: TIME
Artists featured: Wes Duvall, Harry Campbell, Peter Arkle, Jennifer Daniel
What is the content: General Interest/ News

#4: Real Simple
Artists featured: Ian Dingman, Clayton Jr., Leif Parsons
What is the content: "Life made easier, every day."
Creative Director: Janet Froelich
Design Director: Cybele Grandjean
Art Director: Abbey Kuster-Prokell
Associate Art Director: Jamie Dannecker
Senior Designers: Tracy Walsh, Jessica Weit

#5: Dwell
550 Kearny St. Suite 710
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 373-5100
Associate Art Director: Brendan Callahan
Junior Designer: Dakota Keck
Design Production Director: Kathryn Hansen
Design Intern: Jonathan Wong

#6: Acne Paper
Artist featured: David Downton
What is the content: fashion
Art Director: Christoph Stolberg

#7: Harpers
Artists featured: Steve Mumford, Matthew Richardson
What is the content: General Interest/ News
Publisher and President: John R. MacArthur
Art Director: Stacey D. Clarkson

#8: Monocle
What is the content: News, opinions, featured designers, general information
Art Director: Ken Leung

#9: T Shirt Culture
Artist featured: Like Minded Studio
What is the content: The only global t-shirt magazine in existence.

#10: Wired
Artist featured: Kenn Brown, Saiman Chow, Bryan Christie, Tristan Eaton, Emek, Feric, Don Foley, Nathan Fox, Freestyle Collective, Michael Guillete, Elliot Haag,, Chuck Henderson, Dustin Amery Hostetler, Kenneth Hung, Dave Kinsey, l-dopa, iLovedust, Nada, Hiroshi Nagai, Nginco, James Porto, Renascent, P. J. Richardson, Rinzen, Jameson Simpson, Christopher Sleboda, Chuck Sperry, Studio Number One, Brian Thompson, volumeone, Benjamin Wachenje, Martin Woodtli, Chris Wren
What is the content: News and information
Art Director: Jeremy LaCroix
Designer: Allister Fein
Design Assistant: Lee Decker
Contributing Designers: Beth Brann, Carl DeTorres, Alex McCracken, Margaret Swart, Victoria Swart, Nova Wangili

3. If you were starting your own magazine and your livelihood depended on it selling well and your sanity depended on it being something you wanted to spend all you time on, what would it be? What sorts of writers and artists would you hire? What subject matter would it deal with? How would you want it to look?
First of all, I'd want the magazine to stand out from the rest, visually. It would promote artists work and have a section for q&a. The magazine would be very visual, with vibrant color and design. I would want it to be sculptural too, with paper craft pop-up elements and/or removed elements, like Noriko Ambe's work. I'd hire talented, hard working artists who were in a financial bind... like me.

4. List ten non-magazine clients that you would like to work with. Why are these dream clients? Find and record their contact information.
I'd like to work for any design firm or company available, so really all of them would be dream clients, but I've listed a few regardless.
#7 Also

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