Thursday, September 2, 2010

The State of The Union: Part 6

1. What sort of an illustrator are you?
I am an illustrator who enjoys traditional mediums and values craftsmanship. I tend to gravitate towards accurate and well thought out descriptions of the world through my personal point of view. I tend to teeter the line between fine art and illustration.

2. What sort of career do you want to have?
Preferably, I don't want to rely on freelancing all of the time. I feel most motivated when I'm on a team or group of creative collaborators. I feel like my career path would be best spent as a member of a Design Firm, but in the future I'd like to become part of an Architectural Firm as an Interior Designer.

3. Does your present body of work reflect your aspirations?
Not completely. I'd have to focus on creating work to beef up my use of intelligent design and perspective. Maybe even producing a more cohesive body of work that is unified by a particular element, whether that be concept, medium, subject matter, etc.

4. List 10 things your portfolio needs in order to become more in line with your aspirations.
#1 Consistency and dedication
#2 Focus
#3 More developed design skills
#4 Experimentation
#5 More pieces in general
#6 More conceptual grounding
#7 Larger audience/ networking
#8 More sensitivity to all aspects of the portfolio
#9 More influences
#10 Wider variety of expressed abilities

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